Great functional folk art. Banneret Index Weathervane By an unidentified maker, but very similar to scrolled vanes produced by J. Fiske in New York. Sheet copper scrolls, and the pointing hand is lead, used to weight the front of the vane and detailed with fingernails and a buttoned cuff. There may be points of mold resoldering along the horizontal. Prior-Hamblen portrait of a woman, attributed to Jacob Bailey Moore. He is considered part of the Prior-Hamblen school. Moore is known to have executed portraits of three members of the Cass family in the s.

Abrasion Resistance

Etymology Man sitting under a beach umbrella The word “parasol” Spanish or French is a combination of para, meaning to stop or to shield, and sol, meaning sun. Hence, a parasol shields from sunlight while a parapluie shields from rain. Parachute means “shield from fall”.

An introduction to the materials and construction of easel paintings. Stretchers and strainers are generally made of wood (most commonly pine or ash) and usually with tongue and groove joins, mitred at the corners and bevelled away from the canvas toward the inside. This can be of great help in identifying and dating the painting. Panels.

Gold cameo and black email on copper Louvre, Paris A self-portrait is a representation of an artist , drawn, painted, photographed, or sculpted by the artist. Although self portraits have been made by artists since the earliest times, it is not until the Early Renaissance in the mid-fifteenth century that artists can be frequently identified depicting themselves as either the main subject , or as important characters in their work. With better and cheaper mirrors, and the advent of the panel portrait , many painters, sculptors and printmakers tried some form of self-portraiture “Jean Fouquet’s self portrait c.

However, self-portraits are known to go back as far as the Amarna Period c. Pharaoh Akhenaten’s chief sculptor Bak carved a portrait of himself and his wife Taheri out of stone. This is significant because Bak and Taheri were not like the rich and powerful who could afford the privilege of a portrait therefore the artist must have had another reason for creating this work of art.

Sean Kelly points out in his book The Self-Portrait, A Modern View, while we know a number of self-portraits from the ancient world, we also know very little about the psychological motivations which inspired them. The number is still a matter of contention, but it seems he depicted himself in approximately forty to fifty extant paintings, about thirty-two etchings , and seven drawings.

It is an output unique in history; most artists produce only a handful of self portraits, if that.

Antique Terms (A)

Share this article Share ‘Of course, as soon as people heard the firing, they all started to run, some people climbed onto the platform, I saw them piled on top of each other, and they the assailants were hitting anybody and everybody, anybody who was breathing. Witnesses spoke of horrific scenes during the approximately 20 minutes it took the militants to kill and maim worshippers. The aftermath of the slaughter A statement by chief prosecutor Nabil Sadeq said the attackers arrived at the mosque in five all-terrain vehicles and positioned themselves at the main door and the facility’s 12 windows before opening fire.

A Koran and remnants of personal belongings of victims of the explosion are seen at Al Rawdah mosque But when the worshippers fled they were caught in the trap and massacred. A statement by chief prosecutor Nabil Sadeq said the attackers arrived at the mosque in five all-terrain vehicles and positioned themselves at the main door and the facility’s 12 windows before opening fire. They also torched seven cars parked outside the mosque, which belonged to worshippers inside.

The history of stretcher bars. 2/6/ follows much of the history of painting on canvas. The use of canvas painting became popular in Italy during the renaissance period ( – ). could you help me? what is the name of the company of these stretchers? Give me your mail, I .

Oil on canvas, 86 x cm. Staatliche Museen, Berlin Vermeer’s paintings are often similar in dimensions in different periods of his career. This cannot be due to chance, rather it suggests that Vermeer used standard sizes. The square format is the most visually reassuring and stable of all geometrical forms and was used widely in the Netherlands although painters have generally avoided using the perfect square because it tends to have a stifling effect on the expressive content of a work of art.

Over centuries, wood has been the material of choice for the stretchers or strainers used to support the stretched canvases. Vermeer generally attached his canvas directly on the final stretcher, contrary to the practice of attaching it onto the oversize strainer. This latter method was a widely used and can often be observed in representations of painters in their studios right. Although this method was employed principally for preparing the canvas, some painters also painted while the canvas was still on the strainer see detail image left.

The function of the oversize strainers must have been to provide a simple and effective way of stretching and restretching slackened canvases.

Decorative painting inspires lesson in dating art

Each detail both carved and painted is rendered in the best possible manner and the sturdily designed base supports the delicate yet boldly executed bid to perfection. Lamp retains the original brass collar, burner and wick and is is perfect, undamaged condition. Pattern molded lamps of this type are very hard to come by.

Delicately potted and well executed, retaining a bright overall palette.

Most of us are scrutinizing the front of a painting, when a painting’s age and origin are usually revealed on the back. When it comes to original oil or acrylic paintings on canvas, the back of the painting’s canvas is a treasure trove of information as well as other elements on .

Grace, who has signed the painting A. Grace, as he always did, in the lower left hand corner. The artist very rarely dated his work, so we are estimating it to be early to mid 20th Century. It is just possible to read the title of the work on the back of the canvas which is ‘The Cardinal in his Study’. His assistant or secretary is a brown robed monk, who is pointing to something on a document with the end of a quill pen.

The study has wood panelling and stone framed arched windows with leaded lights and some panes of bullseye glass. There is a shield shaped armorial panel near the top of the window and to the right of the large windows there are two cupboards, one with the door partially open showing that it contains books or ledgers, some of which may be on the table.

There is also an hour glass on the table, as well as a candlestick and a pot with another quill pen. He appears to be known on some auction sites and on google as Alfred Lyndon Grace, , but we cannot confirm his second Christian name in any of the official documents, nor have we been able to find any people with the birth and death dates of Unfortunately, inaccurate dates are very common in the auction world and once they have appeared somewhere, they are copied and recopied as if they are accurate and official.

Grace, who appeared in as a boarder at a school in Bournemouth, in the National Register which has just become available online, listed as a Commercial Artist, living at 1 Stratford Studios, Kensington, London W. He was previously married in Chelsea in to Catherine L. All of this ties up with the fact that we found an oil painting by this artist, which was sold at auction, of an original Players cigarette advertisement.

Like every great artist, David Hockney needs his circle

Oil on canvas, 86 x cm. Staatliche Museen, Berlin Vermeer’s paintings are often similar in dimensions in different periods of his career. This cannot be due to chance, rather it suggests that Vermeer used standard sizes.

Feb 13,  · Improving your Connoisseurship of Paintings. Leave a reply. The wood color of the stretchers or panel –Stretchers and painting panels are left unvarnished and the color naturally darkens over time. A bright, light wood tone means a newer piece. Considering Condition.

The loss of color most commonly due to exposure to sunlight UV. Fake A fake is a copy of a legitimate item that is made to deceive the buyer. Many times the fake will show original marks, making it more difficult to authenticate a piece. Fakes are a huge problem with online auctions, know your seller and know your stuff before spending big bucks. Fall Front The vertical or sloped front or flap of a cabinet, bureau or desk, hinged at the bottom edge to form a horizontal surface when lowered, generally as a writing surface.

Fan Pattern The geometry of a spray pattern. Fast to Light A color which is not significantly affected by exposure to sunlight. It has been in practice for centuries. The earliest reference to an art form similar to the faux painting techniques had been found in the Mycenaean pottery, and in some of the Greek art works, made around BC.

The English language borrowed this term “faux” from the French, which originally meant fake, but the derived meaning of this word is, something made to resemble something else. Faux painting or faux finishing is an artistic process of recreating the look and or the feel of natural materials such as marble, wood, limestone, stained and distressed paint and even to create an effect of aged plaster.

The History of Canvas Painting

Stubby screwdrivers, different sizes and configurations Tack lifter, wide putty knife, sharp knife and long nose pliers Rare earth magnet, writing utensils and pad

the dating of a painting’s stretcher, support or frame please visit our website spectroscopic analysis unit dating spectrum 5 – Evaluation of the physical properties of the material measurement of the dessication of the binder and the elasticity of the paint layer.

Introduction In this article we list the main schools and styles of ” Contemporary Art ” which emerged from the late s onwards. Because “contemporary art” superceded ” modern art “, it is also referred to as Postmodernist Art. Please note however, that the transition from modernism to postmodernism was a gradual one, which took place during the decade of the s. Both styles thus co-existed with each other during this time.

In addition, please note that one of the most important differences between modern and postmodern art, concerns the downgrading of the “finished product”. The aim of nearly all modern artists , for instance, was to create an enduring and unique work of art like a painting, sculpture, drawing, or other type of object. By contrast, postmodernist artists have less interest in this kind of product and more interest in the ideas behind it.

This helps to explain the growth of new types of art – such as installation art including sound and video installations , conceptualism a wide category of ‘ideas art’ , happenings type of performance art , video installations, projection mapping, and outdoor earthworks environmental constructions – in which either there is no finished product to speak of, or else it is transient and recorded only as an ‘event’. Revealingly, over the past 20 years, the Turner Prize for Contemporary Art has been won by 2 painters, 0 sculptors, and 10 installation artists.

It started out by depicting a more up-to-date reality, using images of film-stars and other celebrities, as well as mass-made consumer goods. But this was rapidly eclipsed by an increasing post-modern focus on impact and style. See for instance our short guide to Andy Warhol’s Pop Art of the sixties. It was associated with artists like Robert Indiana b.

How to tell age of an old painting. Dr. Lori explains

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