Yesterday, I mentioned that Department of Homeland Security-approved security technology will often have a lot to do with who is sleeping with whom. There are a lot of items on which ICE has spent your tax dollars—from computer programs to the company that moved ICE to its current headquarters to the guns—all of which ICE has chosen either because of nepotism or sex and not because they were the best or least expensive items sought. Bertucci made sweetheart deals with a company called Bearing Point. But, now, ICE agents tell me that they are being forced to switch to a cumbersome Sig Sauer gun from smaller Glocks because the ICE employee who made the decision was sleeping with the Sig Sauer salesman. The Sig Sauer is a much bigger in size weapon, ironic that we wear plain clothes during work. Customs Agent, and this was our weapon, which ICE said was no good.

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Rick and Kate are exploring their relationship in the privacy of the Hamptons, meanwhile back in New York…. See the end of the chapter for notes. Kate had not been able to stay asleep.

Jul 11,  · Looking to date your German Sig. This is a discussion on Looking to date your German Sig within the SIG Sauer Pistols forums, part of the SIG Sauer Forum category; If you have a German made Classic Sig and want to know the date it was produced, this may be of help. This has been.

In all likelihood, excepting specops or. Gregory Markle March 12, at March 13, at 6: The Walther P88 another all alloy pistol it squared off against in the M9 trials, for example, was 10 oz lighter. The gun also maimed at least 3 testers at the NSWG. Supposedly as many as 14 test guns, suffered slide failures. They apparently do not age well either.

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And I know all about the Coors thing! The scarcity increased the charisma of the beer for us young naive lads wanting to throw a party. A road trip was in order, crossing multi-state lines to purchase the elixir of the Gods. Long story short the party was a success– if you don’t count the pesky police telling us that half naked people loudly slurring “Wild Thing” after 2am was somehow illegal.

It was true the beer did have magic effects beside intoxication. In the following years Coors became readily available and we had to laugh when discovering it really wasn’t any better than other beers and we preferred Beck’s.

Aug 11,  · Main Page SIG Pistols Sig Sauer Classic P-Series – Serial Number List and associated manufacture/import years/information.

Apr 5, Contact information: I went on buds and found two guns to purchase for my husband. I placed them both on layaway. I planned on just paying something every week or sooner to hurry up and get it paid off. After my last payment I wake up to a new email stating that there was a problem with my payment and they needed to speak with me and had cancelled my layaway! I called and they said they refunded all my payments back within 5 days.

Product Review: SIG SAUER P239 in .357 SIG

Watkins, has served in the Army for 37 years. He was a military policeman and Army police investigator. In , he responded to the LaBelle nightclub bombing that killed two U. Getty Images 20 Oct Miami Herald By By Carol Rosenberg Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis has chosen an Army colonel with experience in handling terrorism cases — dating back to the Berlin disco bombing — to serve as chief judge of the Guantanamo war court, according to a document obtained by McClatchy.

Watkins, 56, is currently handling hearings in the war crimes case against Guantanamo prisoner Majid Khan, a Baltimore-area high school graduate who was captured in Pakistan and held for years in CIA prisons.

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Since , the good folks from Oberndorf have been supplying excellent firearms to just about any government willing to pay for them. Just like those monsters of the deep, the P30 is highly evolved and looks downright predatory. The slide is smooth and streamlined, interrupted only by aggressive cocking serrations both fore and aft. The low profile, fin-like sights only add to the overall sleek look of the handgun. But more on those later.

Caliber-wise, you can get it in 9x19mm or. I personally witnessed a P30 brought back from the firing line with a severe problem. The slide was locked back, and would not move forward. The culprit was a bulged barrel due to a round being fired after a squib became lodged. The pistol was sent back for warranty work, the barrel was replaced, and the owner was quite happy that he still had his shooting hand. One novel feature of the gun are its interchangeable grip panels.

The pistol comes not only with three interchangeable backstraps in small, medium, and large , but also with interchangeable side panels.

Gun Review: The Sig P232 pistol

This guide will be a bit more focused in its target audience, however. It is aimed at the discriminating customer who wants that special pistol or two in his or her collection and is pondering the differences of each model. What qualifies as high end and exotic?

Oct 24,  · Sig recommends and trains so that the system is to be used as DAO (Double Action Only). You will see that they only list the lbs. trigger pull in DA on their DAK models specifications sheets. They recommend that users should be trained to fire the pistol by utilizing the full double action trigger stroke so that the trigger is a consistent.

He is also a forensic analyst and former bomb-squad officer. He was briefly married to Eric Delko ‘s sister, Marisol Delko , which ended when she was murdered by a Mala Noche sniper. Horatio recently discovered that he has a sixteen-year-old son named Kyle Harmon. Contents [ show ] Personality Horatio is a person that one could say both many positive and negative descriptions of, making it difficult to “sum up” his personality in a short phrase. This also results in people he comes into contact with either really liking or really hating him as a person.

Horatio has a rather emotionally withdrawn personality and, despite the odd chuckle and smile here and there, acts rather dispassionate, unless empathizing with victims or his team and showing compassion to the same. Thus it is often difficult to tell what he is thinking. Horatio is gifted at getting information out of children; when speaking to a child he speaks softly and cocks his head in his usual manner allowing him to maintain eye contact with the child without making them feel guilty or upsetting them.

The age old question. .357 Sig vs .40 SW?

Biography[ edit ] Only scattered information has been revealed about John Casey’s past or his family. James Keller, he faked his death and was given a new identity of John Casey. In a second-season episode, Casey was shown calling someone he referred to as his mother, but considering the situation and the fact that he referred to himself as “Johnny Boy,” it seems he was speaking in code.

He was attempting assassinations in the s, [6] he left the Marines to become an agent in January , he was 23 years old when he started training with his mentor, NSA instructor Ty Bennett , and it was at some point in his training with Bennett. He served as a lieutenant in a Marine amphibious force in Honduras in January While serving there, Casey was informed that he had not qualified to train with Special Operations Command , and immediately after receiving this news was recruited into the NSA by Colonel James Keller.

Apr 06,  · Any of my search term words; All of my search term words; Find results in Content titles and body; Content titles only.

Posts 1, I tried all 3 magazines each different brands with different brands of ammo but it still kept jamming. Well, before trying to figure out what’s happening it might be a good idea to establish some consistency. Establishing how the gun works when the gun is properly lubricated; with factory magazines properly assembled, clean and in good condition; and the ammunition being factory fresh, of the appropriate caliber and in good condition Eliminate as many unnecessary variables as possible.

Are the 3 magazines all factory magazines? Are they clean and free of contaminants, debris, rust, lubricants, etc? Are the springs installed correctly yes, it happens? In the armorer class we were specifically warned not to mix parts from Italian and German magazines. A German spring used in an Italian magazine can result in operating problems. Italian mag bodies are smooth on the back MecGar and German mags have the ‘gator teeth’ seams on the back.

The internal parts are different.

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DeSantis Holsters DeSantis are a large company that provide high quality holsters for all semi-automatic handgun types. Perhaps not the holster brand for service and tactical operators, but in terms of concealed carry firearms DeSantis are as good and well-priced as can be found on the market. This holster comes with a belt clip; the gun slide rests in the leather piece and hangs beneath the waistline.

Mar 16,  · Help dating sig p Discussion in ‘Handguns: Autoloaders’ started by chris, Nov 27, dating U.S made Sig P are there any date code markings on the U.S made Sigs? chris, Nov 27, #6. Since I moved to the P I haven’t really had any problems. Also, the stamped carbon slides require that you replace the.

Army pistol contract but nevertheless made for itself a global presence elsewhere. The US Army was in the market for a new standardized 9mm sidearm to replace their aging – though highly successful – Colt M A1. The Colt M A1 was chambered to fire the. The John Browning design found further homes through both legal and illegal representations the world over. Regardless, the weapon held an origin dating back to before the beginning of the Great War and a change was due.

As such, the American military looked at all available, cost-effective options for its new-look Army. Utilizing much of what made the P and the P series a success before it, the P was developed as a slight derivative within the SIG-Sauer family line. Major changes to the P in accordance to the American requirements included an ambidextrous magazine catch and a larger-capacity, round, staggered column magazine for the 9mm Parabellum ammunition.

The P retained the former model’s de-cocking lever and automatic firing pin safety features. At her core, she was still a double-action, short-recoil system semi-automatic pistol with a locked breech operation. Externally, she showcased the same clean, sharp lines expected out of SIG-Sauer products and proved a durable, reliable and well-made weapon.

Overall length was a manageable 7. Muzzle velocity was rated at approximately 1, feet per second.

SIG Sauer P229 HD Review

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